VR Video Field Trips with Dr. Roemmele and Dr. Pantazes Podcast

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Dr. Christopher Roemmele, an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at WCU and Dr. Tom Pantazes, Instructional Designer in the Teaching and Learning Center discuss their collaboration in bringing students across the world through the creation of VR video field trips in Dr. Roemmele’s intro to geology courses.

Hosted by Jes Drass and Madison Steinbrenner

Closed Captions

Research Connection:

Roemmele, C., Pantazes, T. (2023, December). Supporting Student Learning and Understanding of Geoscience Using Virtual Reality and Video Demonstration. In International Research in Higher Education V. 1 (pp. 25-38). https://doi.org/10.5430/irhe.v8n2p25

Show notes:

Yosemite Geology VR

Crater Lake VR