Open Science Supports Student Success with Dr. Megan Fork and Jessica Buchser Podcast

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What is open science and how can it support student success? Biology professor Megan Fork and biology student Jessica Buchser share how resources like podcasts, open journal articles, and the WCU Biology Department diversity speaker series encourage individuals to engage with science concepts and inspired Jessica to become a microbiologist.

Hosted by Dr. Tom Pantazes and Madison Steinbrenner

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Research Connection:

Vicente-Saez, R., & Martinez-Fuentes, C. (2018). Open Science now: A systematic literature review for an integrated definition. Journal of business research, 88, 428-436.

Show Notes:

Phet Science Interactives

Cocorahs Citizen Science

Wolbachia Project

WCUPA Diversity Grants

Data Carpentry R Tutorials