New Tenure-Track Faculty Experience with Dr. Uehling & Dr. Severino

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Fresh off their first semester as new tenure-track faculty, Dr. Jenny Uehling and Dr. Brittany Severino reflect on their initial surprises, challenges, supports, and accomplishments.

Hosted by Dr. Tom Pantazes and Madison Steinbrenner

Closed Captions

Research Connection:

Larson, L. R., Duffy, L. N., Fernandez, M., Sturts, J., Gray, J., & Powell, G. M. (2019). Getting started on the tenure track: Challenges and strategies for success. SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education, 34(1), 36-51.

Gosling, D. R., Chae, N. M., & Goshorn, J. R. (2020). The tenure-track life: Experiences of new faculty in tenure-track positions. The William & Mary Educational Review, 7(1), 4.

Show Notes:

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