How WCU’s Science Building Got a New Name with Dr. Brent Ruswick, Aaron Stoyack, and Sam Romeiser Podcast

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While doing research on the history of medicine, Aaron Stoyack and Samuel Romeiser learned of Samuel Christian Schmucker’s promotion of eugenics. Dr. Ruswick encouraged Aaron to take action, leading to the formation of the student organization Students Against Schmucker (SAS). SAS wrote a letter to the WCU community and collected student and faculty signatures, leading to the renaming of Schmucker Science Center to The Science Complex.

Hosted by Dr. Tom Pantazes

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Theory Connection:

What is in a name? The Politics of Commemoration from the un-naming of the Alexander Graham Bell dorm at RIT to the Samuel Schmucker controversy at WCU

WCU Namesake Committee Memorandum

Burch‐Brown, J. (2022). Should slavery’s statues be preserved? On transitional justice and contested heritage. Journal of Applied Philosophy, 39(5), 807-824.

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