Teaching with AI: Conversations with Students Webinar Recap

Teaching with Artificial intelligence: Conversations with Students, Wednesday, September 13, Teaching and Learning Center

Held on Wednesday, September 13 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

Here is the recording:

We used Claude AI to run a summary of the session based on the transcript, which we then edited slightly to the following:

  • The speakers acknowledge AI tools like ChatGPT are being used by students already, so banning them outright likely won’t work. The tools are advancing rapidly so faculty should consider how they might adapt their instruction in light of the new environment.
  • They emphasized being transparent with students about expectations for using AI tools, having open conversations about limitations, and focusing assignments on critical thinking skills that AI can’t replicate.
  • Practical tips include testing prompts with an AI chat to see if it can complete them easily, having students acknowledge but not formally cite AI use, and prompting students to explain their process.
  • Participants expressed feeling overwhelmed by how quickly AI is advancing and the work needed to adapt courses.
  • Some of the conversation focused on the distinction between having students acknowledge use of an AI tool instead of citing an AI tool.
  • Follow-up sessions will dig more into practical assignment design and activities to engage students on AI use.
  • The key is to keep having open conversations both with students and other faculty as we continue to figure things out together